Patient Comfort and Cutting-Edge Technology

Pediatric dentists have two or more years of additional training beyond dental school that includes behavior management and sedation techniques. Island Children’s Dentistry is designed to foster a comfortable environment that encourages little patients to relax. This atmosphere, coupled with Dr. Gema Island’s skills at making the dental experience a positive one, results in successful treatments.

We also have access to the latest technology available to the dental profession, increasing the effectiveness of your child’s treatment, as well as providing the most comfortable experience. Some examples are:

Laser Dentistry

Island Children’s Dentistry uses the first diode laser system with an iPod touch interface to receive FDA clearance for a variety of treatment procedures. The Precise SHP Diode Laser System perfectly combines state of the art laser technology with the cutting-edge iOS Operating System.

Wand Anesthesia

Wand anesthesia allows your dentist to deliver anesthesia without pain. There is no droopy lip and no numb tongue. Children have “shots” without ever knowing what’s happened to them. It is a single tooth anesthesia which reduces the risk of lip biting, especially in little kids.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Smile… and say cheese!  We want to see those beautiful teeth!!  Dr. Island knows how to treat defects such as enamel hypoplasia and fluorosis marks with minimal invasive dentistry. We are using the best and most advanced dental materials to give a natural appearance to the teeth. Labial resin veneers might be indicated for the restoration of anterior teeth with fractures, developmental defects, discoloration or other aesthetic conditions. In the primary dentition, we will be restoring decayed or stain teeth with Zirconia crowns, one of the strongest ceramics on the planet. They are the best combination of strength, esthetics and easy fit for the kids.